Leave me hypnotized, love.

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Permalink | 700 notes "To be honest, you’re the only one i’ve ever spent this much time and effort on." — (via icanrelateto)

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Permalink | 966 notes "Your downfall.
Your apple, your architect, your wonder, your wander.
Your hand that feeds, your mouth that swallows, your temptation, your tempt-in, your honey and almond, your honey and bitten lips, your bitter, your biter, your fists and your longing
Your five years down the line, your unsure and you’re unsure, and your milk, your mouth
Your alter, your ungodly church, your prayers,
your teeth, your snarl,
your eat and your eaten, your eat her out, your feast, your banquet, your unholy offering, and your sighs and her sighs,
your lion’s soft, your lion’s roar, your grumbles, your tender,
your thighs and your stretch marks,
your thighs and your cigarette burns,
your cage, your arms, your cage
your lick, your growl, your possession, your lover, your guilt, your ‘I won’t love you in the morning,’ your mistake, your love, your sweetness, your mine, you’re mine,
your leaver, your leave-her,
your temptation, your downfall
Your regret, your longing, your lover
your love-her
" — Azra.T “The Hand That Feeds” after Jeanann Verlee’s ‘Almighty’  (via 5000letters)

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but its important
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Forrest Frame by Tabsinthe
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untitled by Candice Carlin on Flickr.